Книги по 3-ей ред. Dungeons and Dragons

 526136   3ed Barbarian.txt
1038907   3ed Book of Vile Darkness.txt
  31665   3ed D&D FAQ.txt
1120809   3ed Dungeon Master Guide.txt
 464220   3ed Fighter.txt
 280005   3ed Hero Builder`s Guidebook.txt
 550196   3ed Mage.txt
 713434   3ed Monster Manual.txt
 539657   3ed Oriental Adventures.txt
 512364   3ed Paladin.txt
1707654   3ed PHB.txt
 726515   3ed Psionics Handbook.txt
 504936   3ed Thief.txt
  20003   Основные термины третьей редакции D&D.txt
   6146   Русский перевод названий D&D.txt
   4870   Fear the Spiked Chain if you don't, you soon will.txt
   3653   Necromancers, Evil or Misunderstood!.txt
  77375   Projection School of Magic.txt
   4457   Some fighting Feats that may save your life.txt
   4452   Unexpected Escape and Rest, A spell most Surprising.txt

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